Ts & Cs Wholesale

Wholesale Terms & Conditions

When placing an order you agree to the following terms regarding prices, retail conditions, orders, payment and delivery:

§ 1 Prices

(1) all prices are listed in EURO. Conversion rates to US Dollar (USD, also landed price USD), British Pound Sterling (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD) and Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) are available. Please select your preferred currency before sending orders through.

(2) prices do not include any charges for shipping and handling costs. these will be added separately (USD landed price excluded).

(3) prices do not include costs for customs and import. these are in the responsibility of the buyer (USD landed price excluded).

(4) prices do not include German VAT (19%). please forward your company VAT-ID to avoid getting charged for this.


§ 2 Wholesale conditions

(1) the collection has a minimum net order volume of EUR 2.000 (two thousand Euro, VAT excluded). having selected a different currency may change this volume.

(2) four different sizes must be ordered per style. deviations from this are marked on the style.

(3) wholesale conditions for authorized retailers are between 58-63% of recommended retail price (RRP). in other words, the mark-up lies between 2.4 and 2.6.

(4) it is not allowed to offer Little Man Happy below the recommended retail prices (RRP) mentioned next to each item, except for temporarily stated promotion and sale periods.

(5) it is not allowed to offer Little Man Happy to third party b2b platforms, stores, partners, etc. without explicit permission in writing by Little Man Happy.

(6) promotion and sale periods will be announced 4 weeks in advance by Little Man Happy. it is not allowed to offer Little Man Happy on sale without explicit agreement in writing beyond these dates.

(7) the release date for each collection will be announced with delivery of goods. it is not allowed to offer Little Man Happy collections before the announced dates.


§ 3 Orders

(1) sending through an order is considered a firm order and will be handled and processed like this.

(2) orders must contain all contact, shipping and billing information.

(3) orders will be confirmed by email. a pro forma invoice of at least 30% of the order volume will be stated and has to be paid upon 7 days of issue.

(4) if the payment of the pro forma invoice is not received within time Little Man Happy reserves the right to cancel your order.

(5) confirmed orders that get cancelled two months after pro forma invoice date will be charged with 30% of the total pro forma amount.

(6) confirmed orders that get cancelled three months or later after pro forma invoice date will be charged with 50% of the total pro forma amount.


§ 4 Payment

(1) you can choose between a 30-40-30% payment, 30-70% payment or a 50-50% payment.

(2) no order will be delivered upon full payment.

(3) the first deposit is due immediately upon 7 days of receiving the pro forma invoice.

(4) payments can be done directly to our bank account. transaction costs are within the responsibility of the buyer.

(5) payments can be also done via Paypal or Stripe. Little Man Happy will request a % upcharge to the invoice volume due to the third party platform charges.


§ 5 Delivery

(1) digital image material and collection information will be provided with delivery of goods.

(2) all rights on digital image material are reserved by Little Man Happy.

(3) digital image material may be used for promotional reasons on your website and social media. Little Man Happy has to be clearly referenced / tagged.

(4) with delivery Little Man Happy will offer express and standards courier services such as DHL, TNT and UPS. shipping costs will be added after your courier selection on top of your final invoice.

(5) you may name a courier service and account number to organize the pick up yourself.

(6) depending on your country of shipping Little Man Happy will provide commercial invoice and shipping lists that contain all relevant information such as HS codes, EAN, country of origin, etc.

(7) it is within your responsibility to check on your shipment in quantity and quality immediately after delivery. issues on this have to be forwarded within 10 days after receiving the shipment.


last update: 19.08.2023

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