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Privacy Policy on Use of Personal Data

§ 1 Collection of Personal Data

To enable the retrieval of the desired item, Little Man Happy collects, processes and uses the name and e-mail address of the user and the IP address of the terminal (hereinafter “personal data”).

§ 2 Purpose of the Collection, Processing and Use

  1. The collection and processing of personal data is used by Little Man Happy solely for the purpose of enabling the user to retrieve the desired item from the website of Little Man Happy.
  2. Personal data is not transmitted to third parties.
  3. Little Man Happy uses “cookies” for the purpose of the user’s authority to verify the desired item.

§ 3 Anonymity

The user has the rights to Little Man Happy products without providing personal information and remaining anonymous. In this case, he needs only his e-mail address and can indicate a pseudonym instead of his name.

§ 4 Protection of Privacy

Little Man Happy is committed to protecting the privacy of users and ensures that personal information is used in accordance with the Federal Privacy Act and the Tele Media Act exclusively for the fulflment of the be process under § 2 defned purpose and use. Little Man Happy’s staff are committed to this.

§ 5 Rights of the User

Regarding the use of personal data in the Federal Data Protection Act, the user has the rights of warranted access, rectifcation and deletion. These have to be obliged after a message by post or electronic mail to the above contact referred to in § 7.

§ 6 Consent

If the user agrees to the terms of this statement, he agrees to the regulation of personal data. The user can consent or refuse by clicking the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box, this is recorded and the user has the right to revoke his consent at any time.

§ 7 Contact

The contact person for any privacy-related questions and requests as well as for exercise described in § 5 rights is:

Little Man Happy


Menzelstr. 28

12157 Berlin