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TRUE LOVE CREW LOVE Sweater - black with white print. made of organic cotton

  • base color: black and white
  • composition: 70% organic cotton, 30% modal
  • size guide: click here for sizeguide
  • fabric: GOTS certified
  • handling: machine wash at 40 degree
  • produced in Greece
  • designed in Berlin
  • dispatch time: 1-2 working days
  • shipping to
    • Germany: 1-2 days
    • Europe: 2-5 days
    • World: 6-14 days

Designer Kids Sweater From Berlin

If you have ever thought about different concepts of love, you probably came across a couple of those concepts. Books got written about it for ages, cause love is one of the topics, that keeps mankind going. It never stops. We once immersed in the theories of love and we can tell you, there is so much to know about it. Love as a romantic ideal developing in the 19th century. Love to god. Motherly love is pretty important to us. 😉 But also love in a family. And we discovered a new concept, while doing this designer kids sweater. A concept of love that started in the hiphop community. 

Aight, it is crew love. It seems to be related to family love, but it is a bit wider than just loving your family. Being loyal and supportive to your crew, your crowd, your friends. It is about belonging to your people and affiliation to something you believe in. We support that kind of love.

Crew Love Fabrics

Our True Love Crew Love Sweater is made of an 100% certified organic fiber. We only produce clothes with fabrics, that have the GOTS certification. The True Love Crew Love Sweater comes in a deep black and has the design´s quote in bold, white, handwritten letters on top. The writing is not in front or in the back, but the words come down both arms. That way you can show the love to your crew to both sides, as you pass the people around you. Imagine having all of your kids wear this cool design. As always we take care of the printing by using a rotation method, that will keep the colors fresh and strong for a very long time.

The sweater is cut loose, to give your kid the freedom to move and run as much as it wants. Comfortable and wide cuffs at the arms and the waist add to the feeling of softness. The neckline is especially wide and comfortable. This sweater is made to become a kid´s favorit. Moms will love it in any case.

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Styled and designed in Berlin
Produced in Europe

Shipping Time

Germany 1-2 days
Europe 2-5 days
World 5-14 days

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