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Romantic pair of organic kids socks

This summer is all about Romance. We are looking forward to love, friendship and yes, some romance. Not just for ourselves here at Little Man Happy. But for everyone around us. Feeling the sort of romance you don´t see in Hollywood movies. We think of street romance and love in the real world. We don´t have to tell noone: summer is the best season to experience the excitement of meeting new people on the street. Our kids love to meet new friends at the playground, at the swimming pool. Making new friends to play with is easy in summer. Everybody is out and about. We look forward to our kids sharing some icecream with the kids, they just met and got to know. With our Romance Socks your kids can show their hopes, too. And socks are one of the new fashion topics, that have become a place to make a statement. We are pretty sure, kids won´t want to shed these socks anymore, even when it is warm enough to go barefoot. Well, okay, we let them go barefoot, too. But after walking barefooted in the sand, there will be no quarrel this time, to put them back on.

Romantic fibers from Little Man Happy

Our Socks are of course organic. The fabric is GOTS certified and is supersoft. The elastic bands around the legs are soft and will hold the socks in place. We made sure that the heels will feet nicely, so the socks won´t slide around.
There are two versions of the socks. One is white with black elastic bands, black heels and toes and also a black Romance statement printed on them. The other version is black with white elastic bands, white heels and white writing. Your kids will decide if they want to swap colors. 🙂 The socks will reach up to the knees, so you can wear them with our shorts, dresses and skirts and show them off.

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Styled and designed in Berlin
Produced in Europe

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