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NO SLEEP Sweater red

NO SLEEP Sweater red
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  • organic statement sweater | unisex | certified | Little Man Happy
    read and black sweater
  • organic statement sweater | unisex | certified | Little Man Happy
    rad and black sweater

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NO SLEEP Sweater – red with black statement. made of organic cotton.


The organic statement sweater

…coming with the new AW017 collection is a statement our little ones… who wants to go to bed? surely not them đŸ˜‰ they love to push it to the max, try to stay awake as long as possible and no matter how grumpy and tired they really are – trust me, they would never admit. So this one here goes out to all the sleepy mum’s and dad’s desperately waiting for the time (that eventually comes at some point) when the kids like to sleep in for longer than their parents… the unisex statement sweater has a simple message, no one will get me to sleep! The color red makes it really easy to combine this wonderful eyecatcher to a variety of other styles and colors.

The ground fabric is a 100% GOTS certified organic fiber that has a dark red. On top of this we ran a silkscreen printing method to get the placement print done with that statement. the unisex statement sweater is wearable of course for girls and boys and comes at the sizes 80/86 to 140/146 which equals the time of 2-3 years to 10-12 years.

The sweater embodies uniqueness, rich of casual coolness and style. Wear it with in combination with the CAMOUFLAGE Leggings or any other plain pants and get some booties or high top sneakers with it.

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Styled and designed in Berlin
Produced in Europe

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Germany 1-3 days
Europe 2-5 days
World 3-9 days

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