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LOVER Sarouel Pants

LOVER Sarouel Pants

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LOVER Sarouel Pants - red with black writing. made of organic cotton

  • base color: red and black
  • composition: 100% organic cotton
  • size guide: click here for sizeguide
  • fabric: GOTS certified
  • handling: machine wash at 40 degree
  • produced in Greece
  • designed in Berlin
  • dispatch time: 1-2 working days
  • shipping to
    • Germany: 1-2 days
    • Europe: 2-5 days
    • World: 6-14 days

Coral red kids pants

Lover, lover, lover, lover. The girl who will wear this pant, will be full of love, that is for sure. She will experience love and affection coming to her. Sure, kids always should get love and affection, and they get that most of the time just like that. But with this sarouel pants we want to amplify that feeling. We created the Lover design for the sole purpose of spreading more love to life. Either you drop a lovebomb, you are a love bandit, you spread love stains or you come straight forward and express yourself as a lover. A loving person. With the Lover design your girl can express that kind of feeling in an obvious way. By the way, having this pants on your clothes rack, means you can show your love towards your kid on a daily basis just like that by dressing up in a red kids pants. There cannot be enough love towards your kids.

Red kids pants made of organic fibers

The cute Lover Sarouel Pants is made of an 100% certified organic fiber. The fabric has a very soft touch to it and will be extra nice on the skin. As always we like to make sure, that the fabric is safe to wear and the colors are long-lasting. The Lover Sarouel Pants comes in this strong, radiating color color with the handwritten „Lover“ lettering in black. The rotation print method we use, will keep the colors fresh for a very long time. The pants are loose on the legs to give your kid the freedom to move and run as much as it wants. Comfortable waistline and soft cuffs at the feet will make this an everyday´s favorite. There is also enough space around the legs for all the smaller kids.

Relaxed fit for relaxed sunny days. Super comfy feel allover to be worn all day long.That´s what we are looking forward to this summer.

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Styled and designed in Berlin
Produced in Europe

Shipping Time

Germany 1-2 days
Europe 2-5 days
World 5-14 days

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