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Our first unisex kids socks

Seeing a white wall in our atelier always gets our kids going into painting mode. We are not quite sure now and then what to do about it. Should we support our sweet children´s creativity and let them paint the walls in any way they want to? Or should we protect our clean, white walls and instead give our little loves some sheets and have them focus on those? In the end, we do both. Sometimes they start coloring the sheets of paper, sometimes they start coloring our walls with dots and lines and paintings. Well, we want to repaint our walls again from time to time. 😉 But these colored walls full of dashes, strokes, lines and circles are alive and actually make us smile. And as our kids´ work may to some seem like stains, we see them as stains of love. That´s where we got the inspiration for our Love Stain line. Simple and colourful. Playful And cute. Soft and light. If they wear a piece of the Love Stain design, your kids can wear your love stains everyday.

Our Socks are of course organic. The fabric is GOTS certified and is supersoft. The elastic bands around the legs are soft and will hold the socks in place. We made sure that the heels will feet nicely, so the socks won´t slide around.
There are two versions of the socks. One is white with black elastic bands, black heels and toes and also black dots printed on them. The other version is black with white elastic bands, white heels and white dots. Your kids will decide if they want to swap colors. 🙂 The socks will reach up to the knees, so you can wear them with our Love Stain Shorts and show them off.

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Styled and designed in Berlin
Produced in Europe

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Germany 1-2 days
Europe 2-5 days
World 5-14 days

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