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I CAN SEE YOU Bermuda Shorts

I CAN SEE YOU Bermuda Shorts

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I CAN SEE YOU Bermuda Shorts - blue with black print. made of organic cotton

  • base color: blue and black
  • composition: 70% organic cotton, 30% modal
  • size guide: click here for sizeguide
  • fabric: GOTS certified
  • handling: machine wash at 40 degree
  • produced in Greece
  • designed in Berlin
  • dispatch time: 1-2 working days
  • shipping to
    • Germany: 1-2 days
    • Europe: 2-5 days
    • World: 6-14 days

One of this summer´s Unisex Bermuda Shorts

Our I Can See You line captures the time, when our kids are really in the moment and keep observing everything around them. Ja, they are watching us all the time, don´t forget about that, dear parents. And those eyes are doing it with great interest and with a lot of curiosity, as they want to gather every little detail. We cherish that interest with our unisex bermuda shorts!

There is only thing that makes us wonder about those eyes on our little bermuda short. Are those eyes masked? And if yes, why? Is the observer planning something? Does the little villain not want to be discovered and recognized? Are the eyes on these supercute little summer shorts the eyes of a love bandit? Then maybe it would be a good idea to prepare for the attack of the kid in these adorable light blue pants. That sounds like a great plot for a long summer afternoon hiding and chasing each other. The I Can See You Bermuda Short is a unisex bermuda short, that supports that playful idea.

Show some leg

The supercute I Can See You Bermuda Short is made of an 100% certified organic fiber. The fabric has a very soft touch to it and will be extra nice on the skin. As always we like to make sure, that the fabric is safe to wear and the colors are long-lasting. The I Can See You Bermuda Short is tinted in a beautiful light blue. The eyes and the writing are printed on top of the fabric with a rotation print method, that makes sure the powerful design will last for a very long time. The pants are cut loose, to give your kid the freedom to move and run as much as it wants and let the shorts stay in place. Comfortable and wide cuffs at the legs and the waist add to the feeling of softness.

This Bermuda Short is made to become a kid´s favorit. Moms will love it in any case.

Diamonds in the back

The neat pocket on the back of our short together with the two side pockets are handy for stowing sweets and marbles and all the other stuff, that´s worthy to be kept. Relaxed fit for relaxed sunny days. Super comfy feel allover to be worn all day long.That´s what we are looking forward to this summer.

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Styled and designed in Berlin
Produced in Europe

Shipping Time

Germany 1-2 days
Europe 2-5 days
World 5-14 days

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