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Cool Unisex Pants For Hot Summer Days

The supercute Heartbreaker Sweatpants is made of an 100% certified organic fiber. The fabric has a very soft touch to it and will be extra nice on the skin. As always we like to make sure, that the fabric is safe to wear and the colors are long-lasting. The Heartbreaker Sweatpants comes in black. The heart is printed on top with a rotation print method, that makes sure the cute design will last for a very long time. The jogger is cut loose, to give your kid the freedom to move and run as much as it wants. Comfortable cuffs at the feet and the waist add to the feeling of airiness, that we wanted to achieve with the fabric of this cool unisex kids pants. 

Relaxed fit for relaxed sunny days. Super comfy feel allover to be worn all day longThat´s what we are looking forward to this summer.

Al Green knew it all along

How can you mend a broken heart? Al Green didn´t know the answer in 1972. Still he made one of the greatest songs about broken hearts ever. Where there are broken hearts, there is always a heartbreaker. It´s all part of the game of love. And experiencing both sides is one of the most important while growing up. Still, we believe sometimes it is just a bit more fun to be the heartbreaker. With this cute shirt and the bold heart print on top of it, we want to empower your kid to be fierce and courageous. The heart is drawn in strong lines, just like hearts are in real life. There is an arrow going right through. When love hits you, you can feel the pleasurable sting in your heart. Is there any greater feeling than to fall in love???

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Styled and designed in Berlin
Produced in Europe

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