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DANGER Hoodie - black with white and grey skulls. made of organic cotton.

  • base color: black and white
  • composition: 95% organic cotton, 5% elasthane
  • size guide: click here for sizeguide
  • fabric: GOTS certified
  • handling: machine wash at 40 degree
  • produced in Portugal
  • designed in Berlin
  • dispatch time: 1-2 working days
  • shipping to
    • Germany: 1-2 days
    • Europe: 2-5 days
    • World: 3-7 days

Black kids hoodie for better understanding

It´s another one of those days. Be careful. Stay calm. Relax.
Avoid the easy ones. Be careful with the more difficult ones. You can manage to get through this day without damage. It is definitely possible. Believe in it. It is possible. You don´t need a mantra. You just have to focus and believe. It is not going to be easy, but no matter what: you can make it.
Well, it was possible. It didn´t work out in the end. You know, it cannot always work out. It wasn´t that bad anyway. You tried your best. Sometimes there is just nothing to do about it. You cannot always stay calm. Not if your kid is pressing all the right buttons. You are just human. Your kid has to be in touch with its emotions, even when it is anger. It is an important lesson. For both of you. Days like this are part of life. So, don´t worry too much. Tomorrow is new day.
Just make sure you put our our black kids hoodie on your kid, to give yourself a sign. So you don´t forget. And keep trying!

We don´t use dangerous fabrics by the way for this black kids hoodie

This black kids hoodie consists of an 100% certified organic fiber. The fabric has a very soft touch to it and will be wonderful on the skin of your kid. We put a lot of effort in using safe materials and safe colors for our products. So, even though we produce a Danger Hoodie, we can assure you, that our products aresafe to wear and will make your kids happy and comfortable. The Danger Hoodie is tinted in black and has grey and white printings on top. We us a rotation print method, that makes sure the cute design will last for a very long time and has proven to be very good. The hoodie is cut comfortably, to give your kid the freedom to move and run as much as it wants. Comfortable neckline cutouts and extra soft cuffs at the arms and the waist add to the feeling of comfort, that we wanted to achieve with this fabric. The hood is extra comfy to protect the little convict, that you love so much. 

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Styled and designed in Berlin
Produced in Europe

Shipping Time

Germany 1-2 days
Europe 2-5 days
World 3-7 days

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