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Wandering in the fields and woods, no time to waste with second thoughts, no hesitation. We are together, untamed, curious and full of energy. We run until there is no house in sight anymore. No matter the weather, no clouds, no rain will hold us back. Excitement rises as we face a creek, a tree becomes a bridge. I go first, my heart beats, I feel the water underneath my feet, cold and flowing quickly. I step forward while the others are watching, yelling and cheering for me. The challenge sends shivers down my back, but I make it… we all do. The danger is behind us, our adventurous hearts beat full of joy as we continue our way to new lands together. Our time is yet to begin.

Little Man Happy is proud to present AW018 ADVENTUROUS HEARTS, a collection full of fun and perilous designs, illustrating the joy of the mystical and exciting world that waits for everyone, no matter the age. A selection of hoodies, dresses, sweaters, pants, coats and shirts that celebrate the cold days with fun and style. Combine classy designs with playful prints and rely on our expertise in the material and processing selection. Each piece is produced in Europe and we are very proud to say almost every piece fulfills GOTS fabric standards. Unisex kids wear straight from the heart, made with love, for boys and girls from 0 to 11 years. Enjoy!

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