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Only the oldest sailors know about its secrets, no sign of it on the marine charts. Once they’ve heard about it on
old man drake’s memories, his grandchildren’s curiosity was caught. They were a bunch of untamed little strays that were not afraid of the rumours and tales around the hidden place. Smugglers claim the island to be their shelter, treasures that contain tremendous promises.

Once they decide to go, against the reservation they have, the boat brings them to the shore. The sand is fine and white, barefoot they make their way up to the jungle trees… An abandoned sign warns to enter. What’s the mystery behind this place? As they come closer, chattering monkeys can be heard from the distance… the stories are true. Against all hesitation they run and smile, start discovering this untouched area and make their way to the


Little Man Happy is a KIDS Fashion and lifestyle brand from Berlin that convinces with comfort and a stylish-unconventional look. The Label creates a unique collection of gender-neutral clothes that are adventurous, fun, stylish yet creative. It´s all about reduced and easy to wear basics. Along to this the prints and designs glow through the topic-dominated collections and are of course true originals to the brand.

Clear shapes and graphic elements combined with eco-friendly materials and unique styles… always with a wink and little smile, never boring, often straight forward… Get quickly admitted by the sometimes easy to understand and eventually more ambitious compositions and designs. And don’t let the name fool you – these clothes are designed for boys and girls.

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